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Tradition and innovation

acquire needs, design solutions

MERONI F.LLI has center in the industrial area of Dolzago.

Founded in 1963 as a family company, today it is an excellent point of reference in the metalworking industry.

In the last twenty years, the company has consolidated its leadership position and reinforced its presence abroad, being highly specialized in die design and construction and cold-forming of sheet metal.

Dies intended for metalworking are designed internally and the production of the punched, pressed, and welded pieces as well as packaging of finished and semi-finished products also occurs internally.

To date, thanks to its commitment to technological development and leveraging its human resources, and with the help of technologically advanced machinery, Meroni f.lli has consolidated every aspect of its philosophy, which is to create any type of product in a very short period of time, while respecting the quality features required to satisfy the end user. Thanks to its production capabilities and management’s drive, the company offers service that meets the needs of its customers with great flexibility and dynamism.

The company’s strategic and technological heart is its solid expertise, the professionalism of its human resources, its continuous investment in innovation, and a constantly updated and multi-specialized set of machines.

We are proud of our long-term vision, which has led us to invest continuously in two aspects that we believe are fundamental: technology and staff training. Due to the first aspect, we have many innovative, reliable, and safe machines. The second is complementary to the first one. In fact, Meroni f.lli recognizes the added value of individuals and continuously invests in them because, as Michael Jordan says, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Our company vision and mission consists of “providing value to our customers, working with them from the original idea to the final product, and being their reference point, a guarantee, in any situation”.

Meroni f.lli collaborates with the most important sectors in the industry and production such as the elevator, electric, automotive, gardening, fitness, and vending industries, plus many others. This allows us to bring experience earned in a specific sector where it did not previously exist.

Over 50 years of tradition: the soul of sheet metal from day one

Mytech Accessories

Technology for dreamers

Mytech was born out of passion in 2009:
It produces luggage and accessories for motorcycles, absolutely Made in Italy with the aim to guarantee, in every product, the best possible quality.
Not only have our products a high level of innovation and design, but they have always been created considering and testing the real needs of the motorcyclist: an absolute priority for us!

Mytech is part of the Meroni group, which has been in the metalworking market for over 50 years with design and construction for cold forming.
Because of its high-profile resources, technology and production capabilities, Mytech can apply the entire specific know-how of the parent company to its range.

At the Dolzago (LC) headquarters, Mytech covers an area of 1500 square meters, next to one of the Meroni factories. Here the entire production chain from R&D, to design, to feasibility analysis and tests, up to sale can be followed.

Technology for dreamers